I got my start as an intern on the show, "Rap City" and would later be hired by BET Networks. As someone who grew up loving all music especially hip-hop, the experiences I had there were unparalleled.


In 2010, I began working with CBS News. It's on the, "CBS This Morning" broadcast that I would experience exponential growth in my career. From working as Anchor Assistant to Co-Host Gayle King to my current role as, Feature Producer. I've been dedicated to covering stories ranging from the arts and pop culture, to social justice and politics. I take great pride in doing work that informs and if I'm lucky, also inspires it's audience. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and learn a bit about me and my work.

Peace & love, 


In an interview with Rep. John Lewis he said, "We must tell the stories. We must make it plain so people can feel it." I remember getting a chill from how deeply that resonated with me. My passion for telling stories that move our culture forward has been my foundation.